About Us:

Hello and welcome to Discovering Our Toddler.My name is Emily and I am the creator of Discovering Our Toddler, or as I like to call it DOT.

I am 25 years old and Mumma to two beautiful girls Dotti 4 years old and Delilah 20 months old.

I am a stay at home Mumma in a wonderful relationship with my high school sweet heart of 12 years Matt.

Matt & I have made the lifestyle decision to homeschool our girls and travel as much as possible. We believe life can offer such wonderful learning opportunities and our children will only be small once so why not enjoy every minute of it.


How Discovering  Discovering Our Tribe Came About:

When my oldest girl Dotti was 12 months old, I developed postnatal depression and anxiety. I spent my days crying, changing clothes and nappies, barely functioning in daily activities like cleaning and cooking.

It was taking a toll on my relationship with my partner and my daughter.

I started to get very concerned that I wasn’t bonding with my beautiful little Dot, and that all her childhood memories of me would be of me being upset.

I remember talking with my partner about my depression and my concerns about my bond with Dotti, I made one small change. I had been using Pinterest to save activities that I wanted to do with Dotti. I had always wanted to be one of those Pinterest Mums. I spent hours of my pregnancy pouring over these inspiring women’s blogs. I begun doing small activities each day to so that I enjoy Dot’s laughter and smiles and for her to enjoy mine and create new happier memories. Each day I found myself doing more activities, I was beginning to enjoy my days again. As the months went past I was going out more, I was cleaning and cooking again.

A new passion was found and I was researching benefits of play based learning and eclectic homeschooling and decided to make the big decision to homeschool our children. After seeing the amazing impacts the little activities and time Dot and I were spending were having on her learning and development.

I remember walking with a good friend of mine and I began to talk about the activities and lifestyle changes we had made, I said how I thought I might make a blog she told me that I should start  and that it would be wonderful for me to share my story and activities.

I created  As Discovering Our Tribe as a form of stress relief and as a creative outlet to help cope with the depression. Nothing made me happier then spending time with my beautiful little Dot creating ,playing, learning, imagining and discovering.

I started to share our days on my personal facebook account where I had such an overwhelming response from fellow Mummas and caregivers saying how inspired that had been seeing our activities and what we get up to.

Which then sparked my idea to start a facebook page which then turned into an instagram page and has now turned into a blog.

Everyday isn’t easy and I still have my bad days but I just keep reminding myself that I need to keep going as a I have two little ladies looking up to me.

Discovering Our Tribe has been an amazing journey and I cannot wait to see will it will take me next

If you are a fellow Mumma who suffers from PND or PNA you are not alone and you have got this.