Why Wobbel?

We recently received an amazing Wobbel board this past Christmas from Santa(He shops at The Creative Toy Shop). It has been such a wonderful addition to our open ended play. I thought I would share my top 6 things I love about our wobble. These are in no particular order.

1. It is beautiful to look at it has a gorgeous tactile element to it as one side of it is wooden and the other side is felt. The felt not only stops it from sliding about on the floor it also offers a sensory experience for bare feet and hands. My girls love to use the felted side as a hill with their small worlds.

2.Room for two. I adore that both my girls can easily fit on our Wobbel Board together. I often find them sitting together on it rocking and singing row row your boat. They also love to try stand up together on there as well as try climb the hill side together.

3.Flipped on its side it makes a wonderful backdrop to create play scapes with play silks. It can also be used to create small worlds.

4.Adults can go on it. Yes it’s true Matt and I have had many turns trying out the wobbel board. It’s so much fun I’m really keen to add it into my exercise routine if the girls will let me.

5. It is open ended it can be absolutely anything you want it to be from a boat, to a fairy garden, to a jewelry shop the possibilities are endless.

6. Last but not least it is the perfect place for littlee ones to relax and calm down especially if they are feeling over stimulated. Miss Dot loves adding a pillow onto our Wobbel and curling up and resting when everything is getting a little too much for her.

DISCLOSURE – We were provided our Wobbel Board at a discounted price for the purpose of  this review . All opinions expresed arw based on our own personal experiences with our wobbel board I did not recieve payment for this review.

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