Warrnambool 2018

Day 1

So excited to have headed off on our first family trip for 2018. We have chosen beautiful Warrnambool in Victoria as our destination and we are staying at Big 4 Hopkins river Holiday Park.

Our trip up took a little longer then expected due to road works but was worth the wait.

Set up went very smoothly for us today and we even shaved off some more time for our set up. I am going to start timing us and see how quickly we can set up camp. Dot is super chuffed that we have a canine friend named Nessie staying in the campsite next to ours, she loved playing fetch with her while we set up and seeing if she could spy her with her binoculars.

We had a beautiful and relaxing afternoon exploring Hopkins River Big 4. We swam in both the indoor and outdoor pools. Miss Dot had a blast playing in the raining mushrooms.

LIttle Lilah had her first ever swim in a big pool and she loved it. The temperature was a beautiful 30 degrees. She was so proud of herself kicking about as Daddy held her.

After swimming we went on the big bouncer and playground as well as a spot of mini golf.

When visiting the kiosk we found out that Wunta Fiesta was on in Warrnambool’s town centre so we headed there for dinner. The girls had an absolute ball dancing and sampling all different street food. The Liebig Thai and Asian restaurants tasting platter was amazing as well as the sliders from The Whalers hotel.

Bed time was a little rocky, the first night always can be with all the excitement. To help with the new environment; I brought the girls bloom and added battery operated fairy lights to give our camper the same feel as our bedroom, the girls loved that and slept snug as a bug.

Day 2

We woke up and were super spoilt to be having breakfast cooked for us by Brett and Catherine of Big4 Hopkins River Holiday Park. They did a rippa job putting on a pancake breakfast for the whole park. Was so nice to meet new families at the breakfast and watch all the kids having a blast together playing on the jumping pillow and playground.

After breakfast we headed off to Allansford Cheese World this is a wonderful free family friendly attraction. Not only do you get to sample delicious cheese, chutneys and jams there’s also a free local heritage museum full of olden day items. The girls loved checking out how items use to be and how things used to work. And the samples were a big hit. We also grabbed a couple of Timboon milkshakes from the cafe that were amazing.

Next we went to the amazing Tower Hill. This is a brilliant place to take little ones to see Australian animals out in the wild. When we drove in we were greeted by emus, the girls loved this. We then popped into the visitors centre where we met Jac. Jac was amazing and passionate about her job. She took the time to tell the girls all about everything inside the centre, from animal skins to boomerangs and what each item was/is used for. We then went outside and learned how to throw boomerangs, it took me about four go’s to get it right but I got there. The scenery there is amazing and we even got to see a koala. Next time we visit we will definitely be doing the twilight walk.

After Tower Hill we headed to the shops to grab a couple of things and picked the girls up some fairy paint with water books. We spent the afternoon at our camper painting and Daddy taught Miss Dot how to cast her fishing rod, she is super excited about going fishing for the first time tomorrow.

Late afternoon it was time to try out the pedal go carts. The girls thought this was so much fun. Then a dip in the pool to cool off, those carts give you a serious work out.

Dinner time was so relaxing. Matt cooked dinner on the free BBQ while I watched the girls on the jumping pillow. A little quiet reading then it was bedtime which went much smoother. With everyone in bed, Matt went off to try his luck at Hopkins river to see if he could catch anything while I snuggled up in our camper and read and enjoyed the quiet.

Day 3

We started our day with bike rides and rice bubbles. Moss Dot is proud she has learnt how to use the breaks on her bike. Hopkins river big 4 was the perfect place to build up her confidence on her bike as well as practising stopping for cars.

We were so blessed to have the surprise of Wunta Fiesta being on. We spent the morning visiting the farmers market as well as Day On The Lake where we went to the market and checked out the amazing Lake Petrobe. A must if you have children, the park is so big we didn’t even get a chance to see it all. From slides to tyre swings to mazes and nature walks something for everyone.

Dot has been in love with the movie Oddball ever since the first time she watched it. In case you haven’t seen the movie Oddball it’s all about the Maremma dogs who protect the colony of little penguins on Middle island in Warnambool from foxes. I was over the moon when I saw that there was an educational program Meet The Maremmas. Children are free and adults are $15.00 each and all proceeds go to the conservation and protection of the penguins. The girls loved this hands on experience.

After a huge day we headed back to camp, did our washing, had showers then we had a quick dinner and headed down to Hopkins River to take the girls fishing for the first time. I was pretty ecstatic, I caught 2 fish and the girls were so excited.

Day 4

Always the hardest day is pack up day. Miss Dot did ask why we couldn’t stay there forever… one more bike ride, a pancake breakfast cooked by Daddy and it was time for us to head home.

We loved Warrnambool and had a blast. We can’t wait to come back and a huge thank you to Brett and Catherine of Hopkins River Big 4 for your amazing hospitality and allowing us to review your fantastic park.

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