2017 What you didn’t see

I have decided to share what you didn’t see on my Instagram through 2017…

It’s funny how we only post the highs and never the lows. And how if you you take a look at my Instagram you may believe that everything is sunshine and rainbows and that there are no problems in our little piece of the world.

That’s the beauty of social media; you can just share what you want to share. Which I know can be disheartening to others like if you are having a bad day and you pop onto your social media and see a flood of happy snaps you can quickly think to yourself oh my gosh how is every one living these amazing lives?

But you need to remember that those photos are just a split second out of a 24 hour day.

I’ve decided to share what I didn’t post about in 2017. Which were my struggles and my heartaches.

2017 has been a roller coaster for our family.

We have had lots of illness especially for little Lilah. From pnemonia and severe bronchulitis to echo virus. This year I have felt exhaustion that I have never felt before.

I’m going to share the moment when I lost all faith in the private health system. One night I took Lilah to the hospital after she was struggling to breathe and hadn’t slept in days. I went in and paid the $200 was then informed they didn’t actually have a childrens ward so if she were to be admitted then they would be sending her to the public hospital anyway.

The Dr looked at Lilah for about 5 seconds told me she was too happy and that maybe “I” was a little bit tired… I left in tears telling the Dr I knew something wasn’t right. A nurse grabbed me on the way out and I asked if I wanted a second opinion. Which was then when they did an xra y and I found out she had severe bronculitis and pneumonia which had caused some damage to her left lung.

With all this going on as well as recovering from my nervous breakdown I had in November 2016 my blog and Instagram took a back seat.

I embarked on a journey of self discovery as well as spending the past 12 months working out our homeschool plan, trying to balance our home and still have fun with my family.

I felt like things were getting back on track I had managed to keep Dot feeling included while juggling everything else that was going on.

Then November happened I felt a heartache that I have never felt before. It was the heartache of loosing our beautiful baby #3 due to an early miscarry. This is something I will delve into more at another time. It is still raw and painful to talk about at this point in time.

So please remember social media is not always a true reflection of everything going on in someone’s lives.

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