The anti Mum tree

It’s with a bit of a heavy heart that I’m writing this post. The past few weeks I have seen numerous posts with mothers getting upset if their Christmas tree has been decorated by their children or has handmade ornaments by their children as it doesn’t look perfect or isn’t up to their standards.

The way I see it is that Christmas is a time for family a time for magic and a time for children.

There is only going to be such a short time in my life when my children will be little. I couldn’t be happier to see the proud smiles on my girls faces as they carefully placed ornaments this year. And their pure delight of seeing their homemade ornaments being hung on our tree.

Sometimes I do wonder if the magic of Christmas gets lost on the world these days… Everything seems to be a competition from have the best most coordinated tree to having the biggest piles of presents you have ever seen.

The magic I see in my girls eyes as they gaze up at our tree brings me more joy then having perfectly placed ornaments.

I urge you this Christmas to let your little ones join in the fun it will mean so much more to them if you decorate together as a family.

After all isn’t Christmas about the gift of giving?

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