Discovering Our Tribes Christmas Gift Guide

Good evening lovelies and welcome to our very first Christmas gift guide. I am so excited to be sharing an absoloutely amazing selection of gorgeous gifts that my girls will be receiving this year. Please bear in mind some of these are for Miss Dot’s 4th Birthday as well, which is straight after Christmas. But I thought they were so wonderful that you may be interested in them for your little ones Christmas stockings.

With us becoming minimalists, it was extremely important for me to cut back on buying oodles of presents and really invest in buying good quality open ended items. Items that would promote play as well as be stimulating enough to get us through many years of play.

*To make it easy for you to find where to get these toys and products anything that is written in red is a clickable link either directly to the item or the shop in which we purchased it from.

Miniland Multicultural Doll

The first gift I am sharing is Miss Dots Miniland Multicultural Doll.

If you have been following us for a while you may know that Miss Dot dreams of being a Play School Presenter. So, when I saw that Eco Toys had this cutie who looks exactly like Mika from Play School, I had to get her to add to Miss Dots cast of characters. I also couldn’t resist getting this sweet little dress for her to wear which is also from the lovely Eco toys.

Tegu Tint Blocks

Next up is this fabulous set of Tegu Tint Blocks from the beautiful The Creative Toy Shop. I chose these for my girls as I thought they could play with these together, as well as independently. I love that they are magnetic and I think they will be wonderful for the girls to gain confidence in their skills, as well as help their imaginations reach new heights. The possibilities with these blocks are endless and the colours are just stunning. I chose this 42 piece set as I loved the variety of different pieces that came in the kit. I can’t wait to see what the girls create.
Flower Tea Party

Then we have our gorgeous Flower Tea Party set from the beautiful Bubble And Bird. This sweet set is for Little Lilah. She just adores making cups of tea. I love how this set has the gorgeous little cupcakes and spoons and the little tray to keep it all together. I know Little Lilah is going to adore taking the lids off the pots too.

Wood Slice Letter Magnets Mini Lower Case Alphabet Wood Burned Letters

Lower Case Wood Burn Magnetic Letters handmade by the gorgeous Stepping Stones. These are going to be so much fun for our literacy activities. I love that they are such a beautiful natural resource that will also give the girls a beautiful sensory experience, as well as help them with letter recognition of the alphabet.

Sarahs Silks

New Sarah’s Playsilks from the lovely Sweet Elephants were a must for our home this year. A few of ours have seen better days and I couldn’t go past these beauties. Our silks are something that get played with every single day without fail. Wether it be as part of a costume, small world play, clothes for a washing line, something to hide under or even something just to snuggle so many amazing options and they truly are a versatile and open ended toy.

Building Pebble Set In A Box

Rainbow Pebbles from The Creative Toy Shop look like so much fun I cant wait to bring these into our home. This awesome set comes with 36 pebbles in 6 sizes and six colours. As well as 20 activity cards. These are going to be so wonderful for independent play, loose parts play, imaginative play and for fine motor skills. The girls are going to love these.

Bird and Rainbow Puzzle

Bird and Rainbow Puzzle from the sweet Bubble And Bird has made our list this year. I feel this is so much more than just a puzzle. It can also be used as loose parts I know Miss Dot is going to adore playing with those sweet little birds and Little Lilah is going to love stacking up the rainbow.

Petilou Sensory Shapes


Petilou Sensory Shapes from Bubble and Bird. I’m so excited about this awesome puzzle, it has so much to offer. This puzzle comes with 9 beautiful shapes and each shape contains an activity to stimulate the senses. Shake to hear a bell, look through the fun colored kaleidoscopes or touch the soft fluffy fabrics. I know my girls will love exploring this fun puzzle together.

Mamagenius Original Lock Box

Mamagenius Original lock box from The Creative Toy Shop. This little gem is for my littlest lady Lilah she loves to tinker, explore, open and shut things, hide things and figure out how things work. This ticks so many boxes for her personality I cant wait to see her playing with this fantastic box.

Gnome Tree House


Gnome Tree House from the beautiful new shop Invitation To Play. This is actually Miss Dots 4th birthday present; but it is so cute that I had to share. I thought some of you might like to pop one of these cute little homes under your tree this year. I know Dot will love adding her little people and gnomes to this gorgeous little home.

Grimms Giant Acrylic Glitter Stones


Grimms Giant Acrylic Stones from The Creative Toy Shop. These are something I can’t wait to get. Miss Dot loves to play with loose parts but Little Lilah still loves to mouth everything, so an extreme choking hazard. However the giant size of these will be perfect for both girls and I will no longer have to worry about Little Lilah choking.



Gofindit from Invitation To Play. This is a treasure hunt in a bag. It has such a simple fun design that it can be played anywhere. Perfect for when we go travelling, the girls will be able to comb the different landscapes in search for the fun items that are listed on each card. This will be amazing for sensory play too. I can’t wait to play this together as a family.

Easy Read Time Teacher Kids Watch

Easy Read Time Teacher Kids Watch From Sweet Elephants Miss Dot is receiving this for her 4th birthday. Dot has been wanting her very own watch so much. Dot believes it is very grown to have your own watch so when I saw this gorgeous watch I couldn’t resist getting one for her. Can’t wait to also explore her new interest of time with her to.

Wobbel board

Wobbel Board from The Creative Toy Shop. I have chosen this item for my girls to add into our movement zone. They are amazing for gross motor skills, balance, imaginative play, relaxing, swinging, climbing and so much more. This is one fantastic open ended toy that I can see the girls using daily for so many things. I have chosen green felt as our backing as I thought it would be great for making small worlds to.

My Creative Box


My Creative Box is a gift with a little twist. It is a subscription box that is absolutely brimming with goodness. There is so much art and craft fun that is happening in these boxes and they are delivered to your door once a month. They are available in both toddler and preschool subscriptions. I’m getting a couple of kits to try out with my sweet girls, they are going to love them. Each box comes with activities and all the supplies and instructions you need to complete them. Perfect for when you are wanting some nice and simple art and craft time into your day.

Crayon Rocks


Crayon Rocks from Eco toys. These crayons are brilliant. They are designed to help children with their pencil grip. I’m especially excited about these for Miss Dot as she has been having some trouble getting that perfect grip. I think these will be a beautiful fun way for her to practice.

Chunkies Paint Sticks


Chunkies Paint Sticks from Rainbow Fun Australia. These look like so much fun, they are like paint but in a retractable crayon like stick. No brush or water needed and quick drying, what’s not to love. So excited to try these out. I’m sure the girls will love getting creative with them to.

Djeco Magic Textas


Djeco Magic Felt Tips from Rainbow Fun Australia. These 10 textas are full of fun. They change colours as you draw with the magic texta. The girls will love creating and drawing with these and their excitement of watching them change colours will be amazing.

Galactic Putty


Galactic Putty from Rainbow Fun Australia. This is going to be amazing. This putty changes colour under UV light which you can see with the little uv torch that is included. You can also twist, stretch and bounce it.This is going to be so much fun. There are two other types of putty to so check them out while your visiting Rainbow Fun Australia.

I hope you have enjoyed my personal gift guide and found some ideas and inspiration for your little ones.

I would like to do a big shout out to all the amazing shops that helped to make this list possible. Please share the love and shop small this Christmas.

Invitation To Play

The Creative Toy Shop

Eco Toys

Rainbow Fun

My Creative Box

Stepping Stones

Bubble And Bird

Sweet Elephants

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