Moving towards minimalism.

We have been extremely busy culling and decluttering over the last few weeks and finally taking the plunge and parting with a lot more of our stuff. It has been extremely freeing having less I am truly starting to believe that less is more. I thought I would share a few photos of how are home is looking now.

Above is our dining and living area we have removed a lot of our excess furniture and have kept it simple so it can be used for what this room was intended for.

This is our new play area we have been keeping toys to a minimum. The girls absoloutely adore having our play structure inside it is used on and off all day and for so many different imaginary games. As well as lots of gross motor activities. Miss Dot has told me how much she loves all the extra space. I have been implementing strewing activities and invitations to play. I have also recently joined the Present Play Movement which has been so inspiring and motivational. 

This is a photo of all the toys we had in our home apart from our soft toy collection. I’m pretty embarrassed by this mass accumulation but I actually know this hasn’t been the worse it has been so we ent from that to…

This. This is all the toys that we have in our home now which are stored in here which is our toy library rotation room. I’m so proud of how far we have come and I can’t wait to minimalist some more aspects within our home.

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