Healesville Family Holiday Days 3, 4 & 5

Day 3

Expecting big rainfall today so we have had to batten down the hatches and are hoping that there will be no leaks fingers crossed. Very slow start to the morning today preparing for the rain. Play time on the big bouncer and playground and feeding birds. And making new friends. We headed into town for lunch to Beechworth bakery the girls loved that chose their own big smiley face cupcakes and their play room got a big tick of approval from my little ladies.

After lunch we headed to Rayners Orchard this would have to be one of Moss Dots favourite activities we have done. Dot adored the happy little dogs that greeted us when we got there and was so excited we got to go on tractor trailer ride around the farm.

The girls both loved that we got to try all different fruits. Citrus was in season so we tries all different varieties of citrus fruits I honestly never knew there was that many varieties of citrus. We tried both sweet and sour varieties as well as some that packed a pinch. I was so proud of Dot usually she is very sceptical about trying new things but she got in there and tried nearly everything.

Her favourite part was picking the fruit which has been a big motivation for me to get our veggie patch and fruit trees growing in our garden when we get back. Urban Homestead here we come.

This is the humongous lemon Dot picked by herself she did a wonderful job listening to how you have to twist the fruit round and round instead of just yanking it off the tree.

Poor Noons had just woken from her nap when we got to the orchard v8t she was quite content sitting up in her pouch having cuddles and eating oranges and tangelos.

After we went to the orchard we drove down to the chocolaterie. We ended up just trying the free sample chocolates and licking balls outside and running up and down the hills which was really lovely and a nice way to stretch our legs.

We went out for tea to The Healesville Hotel. The meals were beautiful and the kids meals were great they were more then just your standard kids meals they were like miniature versions of the adult meals.

After dinner we headed back to camp there was still no rain in sight but the anticipation was building the wind was picking up and getting quote strong. We popped the girls into their jammies then I played cloudy with a chance of meatballs I was hoping if the storm hit in the middle of the night the girls would be busy dreaming about ice cream snow storms and jello castles.

Took a little while for our little women to get to sleep was due to some late naps on the way to the chocolaterie. But we got there and the rain hit our camp at around 9:30pm. It rained for hours and the wind was blowing a gail but the girls slept through and didn’t wake up until morning.

Matt and I spent the night discussing our books we are reading. We have a little book club going on between us at the moment and we are going to be swapping books soon. I am reading Hands free mama a guide to putting down the phone, burning the to do lists and letting go of perfection to grasp what really matters. And Matt is reading The barefoot investor. I’m not going to go into too much info about these books in this post but I will be writing a post about them soon. They are two life changing and inspiring books I believe everyone should read.

Day 4

We all slept well and no leaks hooray. Pancakes were on the menu this morning we had a bit of unpacking to do this morning as we have shifted alot around in our annexe area just incase the water ran in underneath. We then did a load of washing and headed to the play ground and big bouncer the girls were delighted to find more children to play with. So beautiful watching them mingle with children of all different ages and from all different places.

We headed out to lunch today to the Old Bullock Dray cafe bar and grill. I was delighted when Miss Dot chose spaghetti off the menu was lovely to see her venturing out of her normal comfort zone of chicken and chips or fish and chips. Below is a picture of what I ordered it was delicious.

After lunch we headed to sky high. Was a little dissapointed that half of it was shut. But the girls enjoyed walking around the gardens and going on a forest nature walk and singing were going on a bear hunt as we treked through the forest. Noons loves touching the plants and having a smell of them all. Dot loved the wishing tree and wishing well.

After our little adventure at sky high we headed to William ricketts sanctuary and admired the beautiful fernery and sculptures I was surprised how much the girls enjoyed this. They loved pointing out all the people they could find hiding in the greenery. Dot loved patting the moss covered rocks and getting up close to the sculptures.

After lots of walking we hopped into the car and headed back to camp singing along to the trolls and sing sound tracks. It is so beautiful seeing the girls faces light up when we join in on their music. When we got back to camp it was time to make mini pizzas for tea.

We headed down to the camp kitchen the girls thought this was super fun and had a ball creating their pizzas.Even if alot of toppings got eaten before they ever even made the bases.. including a few bites straight out of the cheese block.

Day 5

Time To unfortunately pack up camp today. Been such an amazing time away. Have had such a lovely break to reflect as well as plan for our future. So many exciting plans ahead. The girls were wonderful and helped us to pack up camp. Everybody wanted to stay for longer but time to head home. Can’t wait til we get to travel again.

One last play on the bouncer and playground. Was lovely having Miss Dot tell me how much fun she had had and how happy she was and that she wished we didn’t have to leave.

We are all packed and ready to go now. Healesville you have been wonderful can’t wait to see where we will be off to next.

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