Healesville Family Holiday Day 1 & 2

Day 1

So excited we are on our first ever family holiday with our new camping trailer. This trip has been a very long time coming after Noons had pnemonia for 3 months we found it extremely hard to get out and about . Then Daddy had some big work commitments but finally it has happened and we are here. Our first day has gone so well our little women have been having an absolute blast we are staying at Big 4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park . Highly recommend for anyone with little ones to stay here, as soon as we got to our campsite we were greeted by an amazing flock of all different types of wild birds. Luckily Daddy was prepared and had bought a bag of bird seed from the kiosk when we first drove in.

The girls had a ball hand feeding the beautiful birds while Daddy and I set up camp. I couldn’t believe how patient the girls were as we set everything up one proud Mumma right now.

After set up it was time to treat the girls and off to the big bouncer we headed . So much fun then we went for a short nature walk down to badger creek. Miss Dot really wanted to dip her toes in, we found the perfect spot. Dot and Noons had a lovely time playing in the water and with the rocks. This creek is called Badger’ s Creek because when the first settlers discovered it they mistook the platypus that inhibited the area as badgers.

We then headed to the playground both girls tried out new pieces of equipment and learnt some new skills And scaled new heights. After all the fun it was time for showers and dinner. The girls looked so scrumptious in their hooded towels.

We got through the first night after nearly a small fire in our camper while cooking hehe we are all safe and luckily we didn’t even singe the canvas but we now have a funny story to tell . There was a couple of little hiccups throughout the night with a teething little Noons but still got sleep so I’ll take that as a win.

Day 2

Our morning started off quite fresh but we warmed up with hot pancakes and warm drinks. We spotted a beautiful big kangaroo right near our camp having its breakfast.

We headed to the big bouncer and play ground to get our morning wiggles and jiggles out. The girls have been having a ball on them we have been on them both several times all ready.

After play time Daddy and Noons went to the kiosk and got some more bird seed. The girls and I spent the morning feeding the birds while Daddy organised our lunches for Healesville Sanctuary. The birds at our camp site have gotten to know us already and eagerly await for the girls to emerge knowing that they will have seed in hand. They are so beautifully tame and friendly they have even began to climb up onto us.

Then it was off to Healesville Sanctuary it has been nearly 5 years since Matt and I have visited here and the first time we have taken the girls. I can’t believe how much progress they have made and how beautiful their enclosures have become.

The girls loved the dingos and platypus my favourite was the echidna so gorgeous watching them waddle. Dot was fascinated when it rolled up into a ball.

Such a lovely zoo for the girls to be able to get up close with our native animals and learn all new facts about them. Another favourite was the emus.

Just a little side note a big shout out to the mama’s from my homeschool community for giving me the confidence with toddler forward carry has been an absolute God send with this teething.

After Healesville Sanctuary we went to the shops then came back to our camper. Dipped our toes in the pool bit icy but the girls still had fun having a little splash. We spent the afternoon enjoying the facilities at our caravan park. Feeding the birds and playing outside we were so blessed with a beautiful day full of sunshine today. We were even able to eat dinner outside down at the bbq area so the girls could play some more. Some wet weather coming tomorrow so hoping for a good night’s rest tonight.

If you would like to see the rest of our trip click here

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