Whatever happened to the Pollyanna’s & Anne Shirley’s?

While the girls were unwell we began to watch classic movies like Pollyanna & Anne of green gables. I couldn’t help but notice how rich the vocabulary was in these movies. I then looked into the audiobooks of these movies.
When we first started listening to them I felt as though we were right there in the moment with these young ladies. Delving into extraordinary adventures meeting new intriguing people and venturing into the depths of unknown beautiful towns.
The girls were captivated by the mischievous Anne Shirley the girl who dyes her flaming red locks green. And the beautifully kind soul of Pollyanna who always aw the good in everyone.This got me pondering about how much children’s books have changed. How simpler thetext has became for children. No longer are their minds filled with these brilliant descriptive words but they are instead left with the bare minimum or words like lol and yolo.
This saddens my heart that our speech and stories are changing. Which is why I am making a conscious effort to add living books into our collection. Stories that have meaning and make your heart sing. That teach important lessons as well as allow you to drift off into far away lands to meet amazing characters. stories Stories that will live on with the girls long after the last page has been turned.
I am now endeavouring to expand my own vocabulary and read as much as I possibly can. I hope to open my girls minds to all the amazing words the words the world has to offer. and grow their imaginations beyond further then they ever thought they could go.
I would love to know what your favourite story is the one you reccomend to everyone the one that touched your soul and lit a fire in your heart. The one that left you longing there would never be another book that would compare. wether it be childrens, young adult, non fiction or fiction I’d love to know about it. 

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