As you may know we have been going screen free the past 9 days.

It had been going well until day 7… I began to notice that Miss Dot (age 2 & 3/4’s) appeared to be mad and frustrated. She was refusing naps and sleeps and would be taking back up to 3 hours to fall asleep. Temper tantrums had resurfaced and she even said “Mummy I don’t like you.”Dot also told me she had “Hurt feelings” and that “I didn’t like her and want to be her friend.” This broke  my heart…

Which led to me crying most of Friday night. This made me determined to find out what was causing this sudden change of behavior. Then it happened Dot asked me if she could watch TV and I said “Lets do something else.” Dot then said “It’s cause I have been naughty.”

Then it hit me Dot thinks she has been misbehaving that’s why she wasn’t allowed to watch TV. I decided to ask her if that was was the case she said”Yes” and that she hadn’t been “Hitting, punching or biting.” Which then all made sense as she had been saying that the last few days I just wasn’t sure why.

I really wasn’t expecting that at all, I had completely underestimated Dot’s thought process and I honestly thought she would of just forgotten about TV eventually or lose desire for it.

How wrong I was instead Dot had been stewing on the fact that we weren’t watching TV and had ended up imploding with a flood of emotions and feelings.

Which is why we will be no longer continuing with our screen free challenge. After sitting down with Dot we had a great conversation about how she was feeling. I offered a compromise that we can watch a small amount of TV during the day after nap time and that we will save movies for special movie night once a week.

Dot was happy with that I also stressed the fact that she hadn’t been naughty and that Mummy and Daddy just thought we had been watching too much TV as a family.

I am glad I did the screen free challenge as I ended up learning so much about Dot the way she thinks, how she absorbs things and how she doesn’t forget things.And that it is so important I thoroughly discuss big decisions with Dot as she has a much greater understanding then what I thought she had, and how important it is that I acknowledge and discuss Dot’s feelings with her. I also learnt we aren’t are screen free family and that I am okay with that.


3 thoughts on “Underestimated.

  1. Messy Wawa says:

    I don’t think we’re a screen free family either! Well done for going through this though. Maybe periods of no TV are important to make sure it doesn’t get taken for granted.


  2. Janelle says:

    Well done for trying.. We have been trying to cut down our wee ones TV. Mostly because she becomes crazy when we turn it off. But the one show I let her watch over and over is I Can Cook its great and encourages good eating!


  3. elena escobar says:

    I had a similar break through (2yr old) kids tend to link things if I behave I get this if I misbehave I get nothing mine was with egg surprises my two year old will ask me randomly mommy I behaving… Yeah? When she is I say yes so then she sneaks in for the kill sssssoooo…. Can I have an egg surprise? Lol garsh darn the cute baby geniuses lol


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