We Survived!!!

It has been 7 whole days since we have had the TV on… Even I am wondering if I am a bit mad… lol.

It hasn’t been easy there have definitely been moments where I have wanted to give in and just pop something on the telle quickly so I could get a couple of things done. But I remained strong and stuck with it.

Today is a beautiful day so we are outside enjoying the sunshine Dot has her Mister Maker Box strewn all over the deck and little Lilah is happily kicking about, and me well I’m writing this draft in my blog journal. It’s moments like these that I really appreciate that we have gone screen free. And I am grateful that our brains are getting the much needed exercise they need.

Would I recommend going screen free?
Absoloutely even if you don’t stick with it, I think it is a great experiment to try. Even if it just makes you more aware of how much screen time you are having. 

Will I stick with it?

I am unsure if I will sustain the completely screen free lifestyle I think I will just see what happens.

One thought on “We Survived!!!

  1. Lauren Fortenberry says:

    I know limited screen time isn’t popular in many parenting circles, but it has worked well for our family. Most weeks, there is zero screen time in our home. Having one TV and it being hidden in an armoire helps 🙂 Glad to hear your experiment was a success!

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