Screen Free Day 3

Today went well. First thing Dot wanted to do was play with her babies in the playroom. The habit of heading to the TV first thing seems to have been broken and replaced with the playroom.

Playroom play happened the entire morning. We then went to our toy library,  this was great as we now have some new and exciting things to play with in the playroom for the week. Very grateful to have the toy library makes it enable for us to keep the playroom interesting and fresh.

We then went to a cafe for lunch, I noticed Dot’s patience has increased since being screen free. Dot happily played with the toys in the play area and came and ate her lunch when it was ready without a fuss. After the cafe we went for a trip to the library, on the way there Dot asked if she could watch the tele there (turns out she meant have a go on the interactive computer there). She had a play for a minute or so but then lost interest with it when she spotted a bucket of dinosaurs.

We then headed to do some shopping Dot Missed her nap and Lilah was very unsettled, I was feeling a bit stressed and flustered. We had to use the parents room I dislike that they have a play pen with only a tv in there and nothing else what’s  with that? Dot watched a few minutes of Cirious George while we did what we had to do. On busy afternoons like this I would usually think to myself when we get home I’ll pop a movie on and we will all have a wind down. In my mind I thought that was what Dot would be expecting to I was wrong.

When we got home she went straight to the playroom and started to build a wall for Humpty to sit on with the kinder  blocks we borrowed from toy library. We also as a family played with the marble tree while our dinner was cooking. I must admit I enjoyed this wind down time far more then just watching a movie and zoning out.

We had dinner read Millie Mae dresses up and then went to bed. Dot went down really well no arguments or struggles.

One thing that has surprised me the most with our experiment is I thought I would have yo plan a thousand things to do. But I don’t and I haven’t Dot is so happy and content doing her own thing. She is often playing independently now and getting aloy of enjoyment out of it.

Amount of times I was asked to watch tele: 1

Changes that have occurred:

  • No tantrums
  • No attitude
  • Patience is increasing daily
  • Able to sustain activities for longer periods of time
  • Days seem longer
  • We go out of the house more
  • More family time 
  • More conversational time

I have noticed within myself my own desire to watch TV/ be on my phone or iPad is fading. And that my own attention span is increasing, and if I am using a screen I am a lot more mindful about it. I will have the conversation in my head of wether or not I actually need to have it on or be using it. And if I do use one I find myself switching it off straight after I have done what I need to do. I am no longer scrolling or pointlessly staring into the screen I feel more engaged in life in general. I am really excited with how this lifestyle change is going and can’t wait to see what else will happen.

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