Screen Free Day 2

This morning I wasn’t as organised as the day before as I had been up late with an nettled little Delilah. I was a little bit anxious to how our day would start.

The girls woke up at 7. Dot was wearing her new panda onesie her G had got hey. Dot was busy telling me all about them. She then asked if she could watch “Panda” (Kung Fu Panda). Dot’s funny like that’s he relates a lot of things back to books, movies & tv shows. I see her reenacting as her favourite characters all the time.

Amazingly enough our day went off without a hitch. We had play group, then Dot missed her nap but asked if she could do quite play.We then baked cookies and played outside. The teepee was also requested to be brought out to play in outside.

Shower time then we headed into town for dinner and light the night walk in memory of my auntie. I love that Dot tells me that auntie Krissy now lives in the rainbows.

There was one moment today where I was sure the TV was going to be an issue. As I had left it on the night before as I was uploading some photos as our TV screen is also our computer screen. Dot saw a picture of herself on there and told me it was her. But then surprised me and ran off happily to play in her play room. I am so happy I cleaned out and reorganised the playroom. It is now the go to place in our home.

Then we came home and Dot went to sleep beautifully in under 20 minutes.

Total times I was asked if we could watch tele today: 1

Changes I have noticed: 

  • Less mood swings and general irratibility
  • Longer attention span
  • Dot just seems happier in general
  • Naps and bedtimes have been less stressful
  • A lot more play happening especially independent play
  • Outside play has increased 

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