Screen Free Day 1

I was going to start our screen free week journal on Monday. But was there really any point in waiting those extra days? Was I going to change my mind in that time and then think it was all to hard to do? So I decided to rip the bandaid off and start today. I was lying in bed at 4:30am wide awake having the screen free discussion in my head. When I thought that’s it I have to start today or I never will…

So I snuck out of our bedroom at 5:00am and left my little ladies snoozing away and headed down to our playroom. Every morning after the girls wake up we usually make a beeline to the front room to turn the tele on and start our day. But not today I decided to set up some activities in the playroom some dress up magnets, some of our alphabet letters (D-O-T) and our smart chute with our fruit and vegetable cards.

I then headed back to bed and reawaken at nearly 8:00am. Thank you to my beautiful girls for allowing me to have a much needed sleep in.I don’t know if my vibe was different this morning or the fact that I just avoided the front room and headed to the playroom instead, it appeared that the girls were not fussed at all about not having the tv on. I placed little Delilah on the floor to play and Miss Dot excitedly explored the playroom, she was so happy to find some new things to look at and do.

I organised breakfast while the girls played, after breakfast I ran a bubble bath. I knew that would be an awesome distraction the girls love bubble baths. Now Miss Dot HATES having her hair washed, she really dislikes it if even a tiny bit of water gets in her eyes. Which inevitably it happened and she got upset and then asked if she could watch tv. I decided to not just flatly say no but to say “how about we get ready for gymnastics.” Dot loves gymnastics so the to issue was quickly forgotten about.We got ready but then I had to feed Lilah. Dot went and played quietly then came back riding her unicorn and told me she was just like “Brave”, then asked if she could watch Brave… Luckily for me it was time for us to go.

Gym was a great screen free place to spend the morning so much to do. We caught up with some friends there which was great. A few incidents happened at gym another child took a ball off Dot when she was playing with it and she be amd upset. I noticed when she was sad that she flocked to one of those toys that you wind up and the picture moves across the screen just like a tv.Which got me thinking about the earlier incident after the hair washing. And I am now wondering if tv is a coping and comfort mechanism for Dot? If it is I will need to find something new to replace it with. 

After gym we came home for nap, usually Dot will ask me the moment we get in the car if we can watch a movie when we get home but today she didn’t.

I was also dealt the great hand of Daddy coming home early from work so Dot was so excited. And quite happily went down for her nap as Daddy read her her book and stayed with her till she fell asleep.
After nap there was a quick mention by Dot that the Tele was asleep. But she moved on from the thought quickly. We then went to a cafe as a family did grocery shopping the highlight for Dot was when we got a watermelon.
The rest of the afternoon went smoothly we made orange no bake play dough, then made them into pumpkins and decorated them. Dot also played outside in her teepee which she asked for and in her cubby. As well as lots of play time in the playroom.
Dinner time came we had been eating dinner while watching a movie as a little bit of wind down time. This was going to be one of our biggest changes. I was asked a few times what we were going to be watching. I suggested we do something else before dinner Dot chose some quite reading. We then sat at the dining table screen free and had dinner it was great. After dinner Dot asked to do her felt calendar then went to bed.
Overall I was asked if we could watch tv 5 times. Honestly this surprised me I thought it would have been more. Seems like all the stars aligned today and it ended up being the perfect day to start.

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