Time For Change?

I’ve been stuck in a rut lately been wanting to make some fairly big changes to our days.

There have been two things in particular I have been pondering about doing…

1.Going TV free

2.Having some sort of routine/rhythm to our days.

 I’ll start with my first thought having no tv. I have noticed a lot lately when Miss Dot {2.5 years} watches tv she instantly becomes sucked in, and then when it’s time for it to go off she becomes very distressed and emotional. 

 Which got me wondering what causes that to happen? What is it about tv that makes children express these huge emotions?

 Then today when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I stumbled upon this article about what happens to a child when they play video games. That’s when I had my aha moment all the things that the child in the article were experiencing were similar to what had been happening in our home. I then sent the article to Matt {Daddy} he said he remembered feeling that way as a child  when playing video games/watching tv.

 I have noticed with certain shows in particular the reactions of the show finishing are much worse. For instance after an episode of Peppa pig a full blown melt down can occur. Where as an episode of play school not so much. So I have a feeling the faster pace of Peppa pig and the colours are giving Miss Dot a similar reaction to as if she has been playing a video game.

 So as a family starting this coming Monday we are going to trial having no tv on during the week for the girls, and just having a family movie on the Friday night.Sounds drastic I know but I am curious to see what benefits it has to offer our family…

 Which brings me to thought #2 Having a routine/rhythm

Cutting screen time will definitely have its repercussions I do believe there will be hard days and some possible set backs along the way. I know that there will be moments where I will want to switch to tv on so I can quickly get a few jobs done… Which is why I am thinking if a have things planned for the day our days will go along more smoothly. It will be a flexible & relaxed schedule as things can come up and random activities might come to any of our minds. But I know I will be grateful to have planned ahead for the moments when I need to refocus. So I now have 4 days to get some form of order happening… Wish me luck.

 I have 2 questions for you:

Have you/would you go tv free?

What are your favourite screen free activities for little ones? 




11 thoughts on “Time For Change?

  1. Nikita Scott says:

    I have limited the tv use during the day, but I always have the radio /music playing for some noise as my house is so quiet with just him and I. I find him dancing around all the time (:


  2. Bek says:

    I love this!! I’m going to cut TV out aswell but not all day, I’ve decided to turn the telly on after breaky so I can do some uni work while little miss is entertained then when lunch comes it’s going to go off for the day till 6pm news! You’ve inspired me!!!


  3. Anna says:

    We have tv on in the morning when Mr 2.75 gets up and has breakfast. It eases us into the day and means i get to sit and enjoy a cuppa which means everyone is happy 😀.
    We get up very early in our house 530 am so it’s on for a about an hour and half . Then there is no other screen time for the rest of the day.
    We watch bing on abc kids, nature docos.

    We made the switch over 10 or so months ago as he wanted to just watch tv and not go to the park etc. After 2 days he knew the rule and we use the timer to say end of tv time. (We use the timer for the end of most things like end of park, bath time).
    You will enjoy it !


    • discoveringourtoddler says:

      Thank you Anna I love to hear how children go with things as I do believe every child is different and has different needs. I also believe that every family has different things that works for them 🙂 That’s awesome that you have found a happy balance within your home. I think the timer is a great idea to 🙂


  4. Jill says:

    Good for you!
    We watch Play School for half hour at around 4:30pm each day. My toddler sees it as a treat, and gives me halfa to quickly sort dinner. I totally agree that those fast paced cartoons are too hectic for their little brains.


    • discoveringourtoddler says:

      Thank you Jill I feel the same way about those fast paced ones. Playschool is a fave in our home to I love that at the end of each episode it encourages the children to try something they did. I know Dot has learnt lots of things from watching play school.


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