Rainbow Spaghetti

Rainbows On A Rainy Day.

Today Miss Dot & I were in major need of a rainbow with all of this dreary weather we are having. So we made our very own pasta rainbow. Dot loved this activity it was greeted with lots of oo’s ahhhs and wows 🙂 *please note some of the dye may come off onto hands* 

You will need:

  • pasta 
  • food coloring 
  • zip lock bags 
  • some water.

How to:

  1. Cook pasta as directed on box.
  2. While pasta is boiling add about 20 drops of food dye to your pasta if you are wanting vibrant colours or less if you are wanting pastel colours. 
  3. When pasta has finished cooking drain it and submerge it in cold water to stop the pasta from cooking. Then drain and seperate into zip lock bags. Seal well and mix the pasta around in the bags to coat in all the food colouring. Let sit for a minute per bag.
  4. open each bag one by one put back in the strainer and rinse with cold water. I then patted each set of colour pasta down with paper towel to help remove the extra dye.
  5. Enjoy

This activity promotes:

  • Sensory play
  • Colour recognition

Suitable for:

Most ages and abilities. Wonderful for children working on sensory development.

*always supervise children with our activities* 

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