To the Mum with the baby with colic

I hear you it is not easy having a baby with colic and people really don’t understand or have any idea unless they have experienced it themselves. Dot and Delilah have both  have/had colic Delilah also has reflux.

 I remember the first 8 weeks of Dots life they seemed easy everything was going right I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Then the 8 week mark struck and it all went down hill rapidly. My beautiful little Dot would scream from 7am to 11pm every single day 16 hours of non stop high pitched screaming. I would sit in my rocker and rock her all day was the only thing that seemed to calm her. I remember I watched House something about his voice seemed to soothe her. And we would sing galumph went the little green frog a thousand times…

 I hate to let babies cry so I never put her down as I found it unbearable to listen to her being so sad. I always thought even if she is screaming if I’m holding her she will know I love and care for her and that I am here.

Going in the car was an absolute nightmare she would scream so much that she would vomit I remember reversing into a car one day because she was so upset. I gave up driving for quite awhile after that and then evantually stopped leaving the house. I was under some strange fog amd would watch the hours click over on the microwave clock knowing that once 11:00 pm got here little Dot would finally sleep. Andit would be for 8 hours straight.

 Every time I breast fed Dot I had to have a warm flannel to place on her bare back to help bring the bubbles up it would take up to two hours to feed Dot.It was the most exhaust/draining time in my life it even made my partner anxious about having a second child. As I ended up developing post natal depression. 

 It is so hard having a little bubba that cries all the time and here’s a few things I wish people knew about having a colicky baby: Yes it will pass but saying that it is going to pass isn’t helpful. 

No my baby isn’t just a little bit disgruntled and no it’s not a normal amount of crying {always dreaded maternal health nurse visits I despised how they would question everything you do}

Yes I co sleep and you would to if it was the only way your little one would sleep. 

{co sleeping ended up being the best decision I ever made we are all still co sleeping to this day love having a family bed}

Baby wearing is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with colic.  {I had lots of comments of oh you really should just put your baby down}

It is really lonely being at home all the time with a sad bubba. {So do call in and do offer to help it will be appreciated}

 To the Mumma going through the colic stage here are some things that got me through:

An amazing rocker/glider it really was invaluable 

Asking for help reaching out to my partner letting them know I  hadnt showered in four days as he hadn’t even realised as he’d been so busy working long hours and trying to keep our home running.

A good wrap/baby carrier I remember when I sent Matt to baby bunting to get a hug bub. He nearly fell over when the lady said that will be a $100 thanks. But as we were in dire need of something to help Dot he handed over the cash and bought one home. I was so exhausted that he opened it up and put it on himself. And popped Dot in within minutes Dot was asleep. Matt believed it was some kind of magic and we needed one in every colour lol. I hear him telling soon to be parents to buy one all the time.

Osteo was amazing for helping both my girls 

Sleep when you can the housework will still be there.

Drs help with Delilah she was vomiting up a lot of her feeds and wasn’t putting on a ton of weight so getting her the reflux medication really was a godsend. She finally started to smile laugh and be happy. 
But must of all just do what you have got to do to get through. And remember there’s another exhausted Mumma out there who is going through it to. You are amazing and it is not your fault.

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