Spooky Special


Spooky Special

Looking for some fun easy ideas to help celebrate Halloween look no further we have 8 fantastic activities to celebrate the spooky season.


1. Monster Mike Munching Mike Madness 

Miss Dot Had a ball playing with her Monster Mike in her jammies. She has had so much fun feeding all the balls to him and yelling out yum yum excitedly as she watches them drop down into his mouth 

This is a super fun and thrifty activity all you need is:

  • Big cardboard box
  • Paint
  • Stanley knife 
  • Plastic Balls
  • Small cardboard box

How to:

1.Paint your monster on the box I did Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc 

2. When paint is dry cut out mouth with stanly knife {thank you Daddy for cutting out mine for me }

3. Place smaller box behind the mouth opening to catch all the balls {I just used a nappy box}

4. Enjoy


This has been a wonderful activity we have practiced counting and saying our colours.

This activity promotes:

  • counting 
  • colours 
  • turn taking 
  • sharing 
  • Halloween 
  • imaginative play 
  • hand eye coordination

Spooky Special Surprise

 Miss Dots favourite thing is play dough  So I knew I had to make a spooky invitation to play & create .

First I made the spooky play dough.

  • 4 tbs cream of tartar 
  • 2 tbs cooking oil
  • 1 cup salt 
  • 2 cups water 
  • black food colouring 
  • rainbow glitter

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat for 3-5 minutes or until mixture congeals.


Then I set up the invitation to play & create

  • Googly eyes
  • Glitter Spider
  • Bats
  • Rats
  • Purple & Orange buttons
  • Squishy Snakes
  • Witches Fingers


Miss Dot had so much playing with this she had fun smooshing play dough, placing eyes and buttons. As well as exploring how bats, rats and play dough can all go together so much fun.

Splash, Slither & Squeak 

To end our day Miss Dot had a splash slither and squeek bath

I filled our bath tub with:

  • Slither snakes
  • Witches fingers
  • Plastic Rats
  • Plastic Bats


Miss Dot loved this she stretched the snakes lined up all the rats and bats. And took so much delight in putting all the witch fingers on and cackling with laughter such a fun way to end our day .


Picasso Pumpkins 

This morning I made Dot a fun fuzzy felt decorate your own pumpkin activity. This is a wonderful no mess way to decorate her own pumpkin again and again .

You Will need:

  • Orange felt
  • Black felt 
  • Scissors 

All you need to do is cut out a pumpkin shape and some fun shapes to create the pumpkin faces.


 Pretty Pumpkins

 This morning Miss Dot got her creative on and decorated these two gorgeous baby pumpkins 

All you need is:

  • 2 baby pumpkins
  • Glitter
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes

 Dot loved having a go painting with her new crayola neon paints and took so much joy in shaking her glitter shakers onto the wet paint .


Cotton Boo

This activity was so much fun for the lovely Miss Dot this afternoon. She had a wonderful time decorating her boo. And took so much delight in seeing how the cotton wool stuck to the contact without it falling off

You will need:

  • cotton wool
  • contact
  • marker 
  • scissors
  • painters tape 
  • black card

How to:

1.Draw a ghost shape in contact paper

2. Cut out ghost 

3. Tape to window sticky side up

4. Cut out ghosts eyes and mouth out of the black card

5. Stick onto contact ghost 

6. Add cotton wool balls to ghost 

Hope you enjoy making your cotton boo’s as much as Miss Dot did.


Whimsical Webs

 Bringing some magic into our painting this morning. For a little bit of fun I drew a spider web onto our paper in white pastel. Then little Miss Dot painted over it with rainbow water coloured paints 

Was lots of fun watching the spiders web appear 


Witches Cauldron

 Good morning everyone and welcome to our Spooktacular week.To start out week off I made Miss Dot Witches Gak/ooblek. 

She had a blast with this she is usually very cautious of touching anything that is remotely icky feeling but with the help of her Daddy she was able to overcome her fear. For 30 minutes Miss Dot squished squashed squelched and squeezed with delight.  If you are new too Gak/ooblek it is a strange consistency that feels hard and runny all at the same time. You can grab it but it instantly liquifys  and is oh so much fun.

Here’s the bit you have been waiting .

How to make your own:

  • One big bowl
  • 2 cups corn flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • food dye 
  • glitter
  • body parts mine are the Colourific big bucket of dough characters youcould also use Mr Potato head pieces.


Combine all ingredients stir slowly if you go too fast it goes like a rock lol. 

Then add the body parts sit back and enjoy 


This activity promotes:

  • exploration 
  • science 
  • sensory play 
  • cause and reaction 
  • discovery 
  • play 
  • textures 
  • Halloween


Hope you enjoyed our Spooky Special would love to know what you favourite Halloween activity is.
Emily x

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