It Isn’t Always Rainbows And Glitter

When I first started sharing my photos of the activities I was doing with Dot I received some missed reactions.

A lot were positive and a few not so much. I have had some interesting comments a few said  that they felt intimidated as a mother around me. One comment that stuck with me was when someone said “way to go making all of us mums look bad” it was in good humour but it still struck a chord with me. And got me wondering do other mothers really feel this way about me?

I had never intended to upset any mothers, It was actually the complete opposite, I wanted to empower and inspire women not make them feel like they don’t do enough. To show the stay at home mothers, the working mothers and fathers that with a small amount of time you can play, bond, educate and simply enjoy time with your little ones and escape the daily grind was my ultimate goal.Having post natal depression really made me see how vulnerable and disheartening motherhood can be. 

I know a lot of people think I’ve got it all completely together and that we do thousands of activities a day even family members of mine think that too.

But the truth is I am just like you I have days where I don’t get out of my pj’s and that my house is a mess and we just watch tv all day.  I just then have to remind myself that I have two little girls that are observing my every move. I truly believe that our actions speak louder then words, so by showing my girls that its a bad day not a bad life I will inspire them to keep going. I know with being a stay at home mother the cabin fever and ground hog day feeling can easily set in. Which is why I strive to do fun activities with the girls, as not only do the girls benifet from it but so do I. After a great day of play I find mine and the girls minds are in a much better place. 

So next time you are feeling it’s all getting to hard just remember those mums on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook all have their bad days to. 

One thought on “It Isn’t Always Rainbows And Glitter

  1. Amanda says:

    Wonderfully written! I agree with you completely. I have been told that exact same statement and agree it’s not about making others feel bad it’s about inspiring and showing others how easy it really is! I love your ideas and I love sharing my own too! My way of thinking is if I can inspire one person my job is done! Why not share it? Someone else may be looking for that exact activity to engage their toddler too! I too have slow days but that’s normal! Keep it up Hun ! Xxx


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