Why Play With Play Dough?

Play dough hands down would have to be one of our most favourite activities. We do at least one one play dough activity every single day. I even carry a tube of play dough in my purse yeah I’m that lady.

Did you know

That Play dough is an invaluable creative and learning resource. By encouraging children to play with play dough you are promoting so many amazing things. So do your little ones a favour whip up a batch of  our Home Made Play Dough and read on.I’ve compiled a list so you know exactly the benifets children will get of of playing with the humble tub of play dough here that are:

Creativity: How can I not start with this amazing benifet. In a child’s eyes play dough can be abodoloutelh anything they want it to be. From a cake to a worm to a face to a pizza. Their ideas are truly only limited to their imagination.

Imagination: can be explored and developed.

Cooperative play: Play dough is a great way to encourage sharing wether it is using a different dough that someone else is. Or waiting patiently for a child to with a tool.

Gross motor skills: it’s fantastic for helping develop and strengthen small fingers hands and wrists.

Fine motor skills: little fingers can develop these skills by decorating their play dough with items such as googly eyes and buttons.

Most importantly it is FUN:  And let’s be honest who doesn’t want to have fun?

What is your favourite thing about play dough?

Emily x

4 thoughts on “Why Play With Play Dough?

  1. Viki says:

    What a great post. My daughter loves to play with playdough and likes to have her plastic animals join in the fun and pretend to feed them. Great site!!!


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