Becoming A Mumma of 2

Becoming  A Mumma To 2

Finding out I was pregnant with Delilah was such an amazing exciting and scary time.

I was so excited about the prospect of having 2 beautiful humans to love and watch grow.

However I went through a constant roller coaster of love and guilt.

I was really concerned that Dot wouldn’t like having a sibling and that I wouldn’t be able to share my time between the two. 

We had chosen not to find out the sex of baby #2 which added to my anxiety I was worried that if it was another girl would my love for Dot would change?

I decided to focus on including Dot in our pregnancy as much as possible so she felt included loved and not replaced. 

Dot came to all my ultrasounds and midwife appointments. She adored being able to see her sibling to be on the screen and say it’s coming the baby is coming. And loved listening to the heart beat at each appointment. She would “yell excitedly I can hear babies boom boom”. 


We were gifted, bought and borrowed lots of books about babies and becoming a big sister these were our favourites.

We would read them each night and leave them about for Miss Dot to look at independently. This really helped Dot with the bonding process. Dot enjoyed telling people that she was going to be a big sister it could be a boy or girl baby.


As my belly got bigger Dot would give it kisses and talk to it and cuddle it and offer the baby drinks through my belly.This photo below is of one of Dots favourite memories of me being pregnant. When G drew smiley faces on mine and Dots bellies. Dot still talks about it to this today and how much fun it was.

We also included Dot in our maternity photos. We wanted to make becoming a big sister is as special as possible. 

As my due date neared Dot would ask my midwife if we could please take the baby home today. 

 When I went into labour I laboured at home for as long as I could. When I finally went into hospital.I took a picture of Dot and remember looking at it as I was just about to give birth and realising that this was the last moment I was going to be a mother of one.

The moment Delilah was born all the worries and fears about having not enough love had simply vanished. I felt my heart had doubled in size. I knew straight away I would and could have enough love for two beautiful little girls. 



As Lilah was born at nearly midnight I knew that we would have to wait till the next day for Dot to meet her baby sister.

My Mum & Dad did a wonderful job helping us with Dot during and after the birth of Lilah.

As my Mum came with us to the hospital my dad stayed with Dot and that was when Dot found her love for dinosaur poop’s {if you are an Instagram follower of mine you might of seen Dots creations of dinosaur poops after discovering the dinosaur train all dinosaurs poop episode} hehe. 

The next morning my Mum helped to Dot to make a birthday card for Lilah as Dot had asked when I was pregnant if we could have a party with cake and a birthday card to celebrate baby coming.

Dot also went with Mum & Dad to pick out a new big sister outfit and little sister outfit that had matching colours Dot loved this.

I also had secretly bought Dot a Humpty Dumpty for Lilah to give to Dot when she came to visit in the hospital.

The visit went perfectly Dot was in love with Lilah instantly and has been everyday since.

I was so relieved three months on and the love my two girls have for each other is so strong.


I hope this has eased your mind a little if you to are like me and feeling anxious or worried about having baby #2.

It has been the best thing that has happened to our family, we have all grown closer together. Dot now has a life long friend and I can’t wait to see all the adventures they will get up to together.

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