Frozen Dinosaurs

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

Miss Dot is super passionate about dinosaurs she knows all the names and can tell you all sorts of facts about them so I knew she would enjoy watching these dinosaurs hatch out of their eggsOur frozen dinosaurs became a super fun bath time activity .I popped them in the tub with Miss Dot and she had a ball melting the eggs to hatch the dinosaurs.She also enjoyed pouring warm water over them and watching them melt as well as holding them and feeling the coldness of them.

How’s to make your own dinosaur eggs all you need are:

  • Balloons
  • Dinosaurs
  • Food Dye
  •  Water
How to:

1.Pop dinosaur inside balloon.

2.Fill balloon with water 

3.Add food dye to balloon. 

4.Tie knot in balloon. 

5. Shake balloon to disperse food colouring into the water. 

6.Pop into the freezer. 

7. Wait eagerly for them to freeze 


This activity promotes:

  • Sensory Play
  • Dinosaur Play
  • Discovery
  • Cause and effect 

Suitable for: Children who love dinosaurs and don’t mouth small parts.


*Always supervise children with our activities 

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