Pom Pom Colour Sort

Pom Pom Colour Sort.


Miss Dot loves sorting things into colours and this pom pom sorting egg carton is one of her favorite activities.

The great thing about this activity is that it is small affordable and compact.
It can be easily stored and kept together as well as popped into a bag to to take to appointments.

It also offers the child an opportunity for independent play time as well as wonderful discussion time with a sibling, parent or friend.

Find below how can you can make your own.

All you need is:

– 1 small egg carton
– 6 different colouredย paints
-Pom poms

Paint the egg carton holes in the six different coloured paints you have. Wait for it to dry and then add your pom poms.

This activity promotes:
-Colour recognition
-Speech discussing the colours
-Fine motor skills by grasping and placing the pom poms.

Suitable for:
18 months + to get the full advantage of this activity. However if child has the fine motor skills it will not hurt to sit with child and see how they go. The key is to always discuss what you are doing as your child is always absorbing.



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