Pom Pom Roll And Count 💕

 This morning Miss Dot and I had a ball playing a little fun counting game that I made up❤️

♦️1 felt dice

♦️Pom Poms

♦️A bowl with dividers {you could use two separate bowls}

♦️Basket to put Pom Poms in.
How to play:

1⃣One person rolls the dice.

2⃣Then they have to count out the number of Pom Poms that are on the die.

{the dice we have is awesome as it is extra large and Dot can actually put the Pom poms over the dots on the die to make sure she had the right amount}

3⃣Then you get to put the Pom poms in your bowl.

4⃣Whoever has the most Pom poms wins❤️ { Miss Dot won of course she has some fantasy ice dice rolling skills}

This activity promotes:

  • Counting
  • Number
  • PAtience
  • Turn taking
  • Colour recognition

Suitable for: Children who can count up to 6.

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