😊😞Bucket Of Feelings 😐😡


♦️Paper plates

♦️Water color paints



♦️Permanent marker

♦️Giant Popsicle sticks
Make your own ❤️

1⃣ Cut paper plates in half

2⃣ Paint each half of plate with different water coloured paints.

These are the colours I did for each feeling:

😊Happy – Yellow

😡Angry – Red

😞Sad – Blue

😄Excited- Orange

😖Scared – Purple

😶Shy – Green

3⃣While paint is drying right the name of each feeling onto a giant Popsicle stick.

4⃣Once paint has dried draw one of the expressions onto each paper plate half.

5⃣Then pop into bucket and take turns wearing the different feeling masks.

{for older children you could leave the writing off or put it on the back of the Popsicle stick}

This activity promotes:

  • Speech
  • Emotions

Suitable for: 2+ years this activity works best if the child can grasp the emotions that you are discussing. You can always simplify this activity by starting off with a happy and sad face which would suit a younger child.

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