🌺🌟Pretty Petal Potions💕🍃

Today Miss Dot is exploring natures loose parts and glitter 🌟I have set up an invitation to create potions❤️
To Make your own Petal Potions you will need:



🔹Flower Stems

🔹Gum nuts




This is an open ended activity there is no right or wrong way to do it😊 Dot ended up using the water bowl as her big cauldron instead of her pot and her favourite thing was the glitter vile it all ended up in her pot 💕

Miss Dot had so much fun adding all the different elements and enjoyed stirring her potion as well taking in much delight fishing out each element to discover they were now coated in glitter she thought it was magic ❤️

This activity promotes:

  • Sensory Play
  • Nature Play
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Self expression

This activity is suitable for:
Children that don’t mouth things as this activity does have small parts. Also always supervise your children around water play at all times.


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